• How do I use Regular Expressions to filter tweets for?
    • Retweets: "^RT"
    • Replies: "^@\w+"
    • Replies to user martani_net: "^@martani_net"
    • Mentions: "@\w+"
    • Mentions of user martnai_net: "@martani_net"
      Will also return retweets mentioning the user!
    • Tweets containing a number with 4 digits or more: "\d{4}"
    • Tweets containing the word 'hello': "hello"

  • Is this a Windows only application?
    Yes, it doesn't work on Mac nor Linux.
  • Are you planning to port Twitter Archive Eraser to Mac or Linux?
    No. But if you want to or you know someone who can please refer them to the source code, it's open source after all!
  • I have issues while authorizing the app with Twitter
    For some reason, Twitter Archive Eraser might not be able to open the browser to authorize with Twitter, if you have this issue then run the application as an Administrator.
  • How long does it takes to delete all the tweets?
    It depends on the number of your tweets and your network speed. On good networks speeds, Twitter Archive Eraser can delete up to 2500 tweets a minute!
    You can just run the application and leave it do the work. You might also chose a larger degree of parallelism in step 4 to speed up the process.
  • Tweets are deleted but my tweets counter is not going down
    This can be caused due to a cached version of twitter.com on your browser or that twitter hasn't updated yet your tweets count. If the issue persists you should contact Twitter @support.
  • What does [NOT FOUND!] mean?
    While deleting tweets, the status [NOT FOUND!] means that the tweet was already deleted at a previous time. Hence, when Twitter Archive Eraser tries to delete it again, you get not found error. In short, it's gone, no worries.
  • Does Twitter Archive Eraser have crapware/spyware/viruses/worms/aliens-from-mars which could hurt my computer?
    No. You can grab the source code yourself from here, study it, compile it, and run it 'safely' all by yourself.
  • I deleted my tweets but changed my mind now, how to get them back?
    Right! Check this

The Tale

Until very recently (posted on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2013), there was no obvious way to access your old tweets. In fact Twitter imposes a limit of 3200 tweets (the more recent ones that is) that an application can access.

This means also that you cannot delete your old tweets. Several tools exist to help you delete your old tweets but, according to my experiments, most of them do not work properly, if at all, due to Twitter API's limitations.

Last week however, Twitter enabled the option for users to download their whole archive of tweets, which contains among other things the IDs of all the tweets of a user: the exact piece of information that can be used to erase tweets.

I have developed a simple application called "Twitter Archive Eraser" that helps you delete the oldest tweets from your timeline, or erase the whole archive too if you would like so.

The application is the simplest possible, it works in 3 steps: authenticate Twitter; select which tweets you want to delete; erase them.