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After paying with PayPal, you will be redirected back to this website where you will find your license key. We will also send a copy of the license key to your email.


  • Tweets deletions /week
  • Direct Messages 1 deletions /week
  • Favorites (Likes) 2 allowed Twitter API limits

  • Time range select (by year / month)

  • Search (Keyword / Regex / Users / Mentions)
  • Smart Analysis (Keep best tweets in 1-Click)
  • Sync (Up to date synced tweet statistics)

  • Allowed archive deletion age ?
  • License validity

$ 1.99 mo Billed for 1 year ($23)
One-time payment

  •  3,000
  •   500
  •  Not guaranteed

  • 4 years
  • 1 year

$ 2.99 mo Billed for 1 year ($35)
One-time payment

  •  10,000
  •  1,000
  •  Not guaranteed

  • 4 years
  • 1 year

$ 4.99 mo Billed for 1 year ($59)
One-time payment

  •  Unlimited
  •  Unlimited
  •  Not guaranteed

  • 9+ years
  • 1 year

Below are excerpts from the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy with links to the full versions. By purchasing a license, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

This is an excerpt of the full Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you are agreeing to the full Terms and Conditions.

  • A license is valid for a single Twitter account. You can change your Twitter handle (e.g. @ArchiveEraser) as many times as you want, the license is automatically valid for the new user names.

  • Twitter Archive Eraser runs on Windows or Mac operating systems. No other operating system is supported. The user takes full responsibility for purchasing a license for Twitter Archive Eraser knowing it only works on Windows or Mac.

  • Twitter Archive Eraser uses your Twitter archive to delete Tweets/Likes/DMs. Please ensure you can get your archive here or here before proceeding with purchasing a license.

  • 1 Direct Messages created after ~2014.

  • 2 Twitter Archive Eraser can delete Favorites (a.k.a likes), but due to a known Twitter API bug, we cannot guarantee that you'll be able to delete any favorites/likes. Please be advised that deleting Favorites is not part of our offering and is not eligible for any refunds/support. Read more about this Twitter API limitation here.

  • Any tweet that you delete will not be recoverable. You are responsible for all delete actions you submit via our app. Please ensure you select only the tweets you wish to delete. Twitter Archive Eraser takes no responsibility not is liable for accidental deletions.

  • You will not use the Site or the app for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.

  • We reserve the right to change these terms of service at any time and for any reason without notice.

  • Refund Policy:

  • All sales are final. However we might offer a refund when all these conditions are met: 1) a technical issue with Twitter Archive Eraser, 2) which we are not able to resolve within 3 weeks, and 3) the license was purchased not longer than a month before contacting us with the technical issue.

  • Note that these scenarios are not eligible for refunds: 1) Changes in the Twitter API that would make deleting tweets, likes, Direct Messages infeasible. These changes do not count as technical issues with our software. 2) Licenses (license keys) whose purchase date is older than 1 month. 3) You are not able to obtain your Twitter archive from Please contact the Twitter support for that.

This is an excerpt of the full Privacy Policy. By agreeing to the Privacy Policy you are agreeing to the full Privacy Policy.

  • Data collection when purchasing a license:
    All financial data is handled by PayPal and our website or app has no access nor stores any of your financial data.
    To ensure we can support managing licenses, we store -along with your license key details-: the PayPal transaction ID, the Twitter account name associated with the license, the email used with PayPal, and the user's full name that PayPal reports to us.

  • Data collection from the Twitter Archive Eraser app:
    Our app collects the following information for the purposes of analytics in order to enhance the service. This data is collected in the free and paid versions. Data collected: Twitter account name, number of items (Tweets, Favorites, DMs) deleted/errors etc., the list of months the user is deleting tweets from (not the tweets themselves), list of search keywords used.
    Data we do not store:
    Twitter Archive Eraser does not have access to your Twitter password and hence does not store your password. No tweets, favorites or DMs data is stored on our servers or third-party cloud providers. A temporary access token used to connect to your Twitter account and your archive data is stored (cached) locally on the machine you run the app on.