Version 5.1.2 (Sept. 2015)

  • Fixed bugs related to hitting Twitter API limits
  • Added ClickOnce installer to enable auto updating the app for future releases
  • Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

Version 5.0 (Feb. 2015)

  • Added support to bulk delete Favorites and Direct Messages (DMs)
  • Search/filter based on simple keywords or regular expressions
  • Search content and usernames in case of Favorites / DMs: this option allows filtering DMs sent / received from a specefic username for example
  • Upgraded to use Xceed datagrid component
  • Tweets are now grouped by month by default in the delete window grid: users can collapse months oftweets or go to a specific month just by clicking on the months drop down.
  • Time range selection by whole months whithin the deletion window grid.
  • Fixed crash when a bad RegEx pattern is used for search (+ other misc bugs)
  • Now the total time it took to delete tweets is shown at the end
  • Added a button for users chosing not to share the number of tweets they deleted on twitter

Version 4.1 (Jul. 2014)

  • Several bug fixes + update to LinqToTwitter 3.0.4 and .NET framework 4.5

Version 4.0 (Jan. 2014)

This is a major update for Twitter Archive Eraser. It adds the following features:

  • Zip archive loading: you can now load the whole zip archive in one click without needing to add specific *.js files separately.
  • Automatic errors retry: Twitter Archive Eraser will track any tweets which were not deleted due to network or server side errors and offers to retry deleting them on the fly. You can also save a list of these tweets to delete later.
  • Filtering based on regular expressions: Retweets, mentions etc... You can get all these very easily with Regex based filtering.
  • Different statistical information collecting: starting from version 4.0, you have to agree to sharing some information with Twitter Archive Eraser. This information will be used only for statistics.
  • Licence: Version 4.0 comes with a new licence, You cannot use Twitter Archive Eraser for commercial or monetary purposes. Please take a look at the licence file in case of doubt.

Version 3.0 (Sept. 2013)

This is a major update for Twitter Archive Eraser. It contains the following features:s

  • Parallel deletion of tweets: now you can specify a degree of parallelism when deleting tweets. This means that instead of deleting the tweets one by one, as in previous versions, now you can delete up to 16 tweets at the same time.
    You can choose from 2 to 16 parallel connections depending on your network speed.
  • Filtering and search: You can now filter tweets by searching for specific terms.
    Tip: You can search for tweets containing a pattern and then click on the "Erase?" checkbox on the header of the tweets grid to check/uncheck all the tweets that match.

Version 2.1 (April 2013)

  • Twitter Archive Eraser introduces some fixes for users who were facing problems with Twitter PIN authorization (Updated to LinqToTwitter

Version 2.0 (Feb. 2013)

  • Twitter Archive Eraser can fetch tweets by month from the *.js data files again (the previous version used *.csv files which were eliminated from the archive in current versions.)
  • Version 2.0 comes with a setup program also that installs all the missing perquisites like .NET 4.0 etc.