Unlimited & Mass Delete

Twitter Archive Eraser can erase thousands of your tweets automatically.
One user deleted about 500.000 tweets using our app.

100% Free & Open Source

Twitter Archive Eraser is completely free to use. No trial period, caps or limits.
Th source code is available on github for anyone to download, build and tweak!

Tweets, Favorites, DMs!

Full control over your twitter profile: load your twitter archive in one click! Delete favorites and DMs seamlessly and directly from within Twitter Archive Eraser.

Safe & Secure

Your tweets never leave your computer. The app has no access to your password, and for the more paranoid, the code is available here for more scrutiny.

Twitter Archive Eraser version 5.3.2 is now available!

Now with bulk Favorites and Direct Messages delete.

Twitter Archive Eraser: Free & Open Source

More features providing full flexibility and control over what gets deleted.

Get All Tweets in One Click!

Load all your tweets from your twitter archive or fetch Favorites and Direct Messages (DMs) on the go.

Powerful Search & Filter

Using keyword search or Regular Expressions for the more advanced among you.

Ease of Use & Flexiblity

In a few clicks, easily find mentions, Retweets, Favorites and DMs from or to a specific user.

Time Range Search

Select tweets to delete or to keep from a given time period, grouped by months.

Blazingly Fast

Erase up to 2000 tweets / minute using up to 32 concurrent threads simultaneously.

Automatic Retry on Errors

In case of network errors, Twitter Archive Eraser will automatically retry the deletion process for you.

In a nutshell, you can do the following in 5 clicks:
"Find tweets mentioning user @martani_net, from August 2013 to November 2013, containing the words 'Twitter' Or 'Delete', and which are retweets."

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Requirements: .NET Framework 4.5

Portable Standalone Version 5.3.2

This version requires no installation and can be run directly. For most of the cases, the standalone version is all you need.

Setup Version 5.3.2

The installer takes care of downloading the required libraries (.NET framework etc.), and installs the application to the start menu.

Source Code

View source code, customize and contribute to Twitter Archive Eraser.

Note: If you are updating from a version before 5.1.4 you will need to uninstall the app before being able to run version 5.1.4+

Step by step Video

(Based on version 4.0)


I provide no support for Twitter Archive Eraser. Please check the FAQ page or ask around in the comments!


All the Twitter logic is done using the excellent LinqToTwitter library developed by @Joe Mayo.

If you like Twitter Archive Eraser please consider donating to support its development: